About Commute 

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Drive, Split, Offset

How it Happened
Daily commutes and road trips

Commute was founded in September 2019 with a mission in mind: to make shared commuting fairer and greener. As young, money-conscious people, we were commuting every day in full cars, unsure how to split the cost. The organised amongst us created excel spreadsheets with each passenger, the number of journeys, and an estimate of how much they owed. This process, however, was laborious and inaccurate.

We were tired of it.

We wanted the calculations to be automatic and for keeping tabs to be simple. Asking friends for money for petrol need not be awkward, and drivers shouldn’t worry that they are for too much, or fear that they are losing money for driving.



Since then, we have spent a lot of time developing and modelling the fairest ways to calculate and split the fuel cost, taking into account mileage inaccuracies, differing numbers of passengers, and changing fuel prices.

As young people trying to make a positive impact in the world, we searched for ways in which we could encourage drivers to offset their carbon emissions through our app. After many dead ends and a lot of trial and error, we developed our Carbon Offset calculation and a method to carry out our Offset Initiative using Gold Standard offset projects. With everyone chipping in, we realised we could make all our drives carbon neutral for just £1 per 70 miles.

And that is how we got here.


So, what are you waiting for? Download Commute and make your Commute greener.



Meet The Team


Michael Trueman


Early mornings and late nights are Michael's bread and butter. A CrossFit fanatic with big aspirations and a business mindset, he is no stranger to discomfort or hard work. It is Michael's 'go hard or go home' work ethic that has steered Commute through some of its biggest obstacles. 


Daniel Chivers


An avid outdoorsman, Daniel serves as the visionary for Commute Ltd, and is keen to leave his mark on the world through the Company's Offset Initiative. Daniel enjoys early morning cups of coffee, good books, and competitive games of backgammon. Dan is the expert in planning for what the future holds for Commute.